The Department of Politics and Government focuses on core areas of political science such as Comparative Politics, International Relations and Political Theory as well as study areas touching on neighbouring disciplines, such as Political Sociology, Political Geography and Geopolitics and Political History of the Twentieth century. The Department of Politics and Government works closely with the Centre for European Studies a multidisciplinary centre that “Defines Europe in its broadest geographical context, while focusing on Western Europe and the European Union.” Emphasis will be on elements that affect the Israel-European relationship, particularly in fields such as citizenship, identity and civil society, foreign policy and security. The Centre will be headed by Dr. Joel Peters, from the Department of Politics and Government. Recently, the department participated in the FP5 Project “EUBORDCONF”, coordinated by Thomas Diez of Birmingham University (contract number: HPSE-CT- 2002-00106)


People in charge of the project:

David Newman, mailto

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